Why Momentum?

Momentum is a boutique wealth management and financial planning firm. We have the expertise, knowledge, and experience to assess your family’s needs and the skills to structure investment, tax and estate planning strategies tailored to meet your financial objectives.

Why Momentum Health

Objective Expertise

Our team is well versed in all facets of financial planning. We develop and deploy custom action plans uniquely suited to your needs, to ensure they will accomplish your wealth accumulation and legacy goals. By providing our independent advice on tax, investment and risk management, and estate planning, Momentum gives our clients peace of mind knowing there’s a plan in place to manage all of life’s challenges.

Exceptional Service

Exceptional client experience is the hallmark of our wealth management and estate planning practice. First and foremost, we believe that when you’re well-informed and feel confident about the value of our financial advice, you can focus on life’s other important matters, such as devoting more time to family, career, business pursuits, community and philanthropy.

By taking advantage of our extensive network of industry specialists and professionals, clients can access specialized professionals with expertise in the legal, accounting, financing and liability insurance fields to address their personal and business needs.

Alternative Investment Strategies

Our strategic partnership with Aligned Capital Partners and National Bank allows us to offer additional significant investment opportunities with sophisticated custom portfolios for each of our clients. Working with our partners, we’re able to make use of select public and private investment vehicles that are tailored to your specialized investment objectives, liquidity needs and risk profile.

This dedicated approach to asset allocation and portfolio management is typically only accessible to leading financial institutions and the wealthiest families.

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